Sustainable Hospitality

We embrace environmental and community stewardship as an integral part of maintaining and building a successful business. To best put this vision into practice, in 2010 we conceptualized and developed a proprietary corporate program, EarthView®, that encompasses a triple-bottom-line approach to sustainability. Comprehensively, the program delivers environmental and conservation initiatives that positively impact our hotels’ bottom lines while simultaneously improving the well-being of our guests, our employees, our communities, and our planet.

EarthView is implemented across our portfolio of hotels, including several of our mixed-use properties, which share space with condominiums, restaurants, and other commercial tenants.


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Hilton Garden Inn M Street, Washington D.C.
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    We believe that being active stewards of our environment and our communities makes good business sense. Through EarthView, Hersha is able to drive incremental value by implementing efficiency initiatives with measurable returns. This approach creates value via expense reduction in the short term and increased real estate valuation in the long-term. Initiatives implemented as part of EarthView’s comprehensive program have, to date, achieved net savings of $14 million and increased Hersha’s portfolio value by $100 million.

    Our hotels are incentivized to implement EarthView as the program’s sustainability initiatives drive annual operational savings that help support hotels in meeting or exceeding budget goals. On average, implementing EarthView creates $40,000-$50,000 in annual savings per hotel.

    Our sustainability commitment has been recognized by the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT). EarthView has repeatedly been awarded the prestigious “Leader in the Light” award amongst Lodging & Resort companies for superior portfolio-wide energy use practices and sustainability initiatives. In 2019, Hersha also received the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) 5 Star rating.

    $14 Million

    EarthView’s recorded savings since inception through initiatives implemented across our portfolio


    As a hotel company, we rely on nature’s resources to construct our buildings, fill them with heat and light, and transform ordinary buildings into extraordinary places to stay. Our hotels provide dining experiences, spas, engaging lobbies and a comfortable place for guests to relax at the end of the day. We strive to ensure that we provide the best experience to our guests, while also being responsible in regards to our environmental impact.

    As our portfolio continues to grow, we have an even greater obligation to ensure we are operating in a way that enhances our communities and preserves our local and global environment. Putting this philosophy into practice means we focus on reducing our environmental impact and integrating sustainable innovation across our value chain.

    Currently, 34% our hotels have been awarded a third-party building certification, such as LEED, EnergyStar, ISO 14001 (for environmental management), or ISO 50001 (for energy management) over the past five years.


    Reduced energy consumption per square foot across our portfolio versus our baseline year of 2010



    Reduced greenhouse gas emissions per square foot across our portfolio versus our baseline year of 2010



    Waste diversion rate in 2019



    Reduced water consumption per square foot across our portfolio versus our baseline year of 2010


    Per the words of Hersha’s founders, there is no greater dignity than that found in service. “Hearts that Serve” is one of our core values and reflects our long tradition of social responsibility and community engagement. We believe that people are our strength. By putting people first, we are able to provide for our guests, support our associates, and have a strong presence in our communities to drive positive change on a local and global scale.

    To support our associates, we facilitate comprehensive succession planning and leadership development trainings for rising managers, hold regular performance evaluations, and provide competitive compensation and numerous non-salary benefits.

    On a local level, our strategy is to be located in urban markets in the US and work with local partnerships to revitalize the community. For instance, our Ritz-Carlton Georgetown is an adaptive reuse of a former vacant industrial building, our Envoy Hotel supported the revitalization of Seaport, MA, our NU Hotel supports the local art community in Brooklyn, and our Philadelphia hotels support the Bethesda Project, which serves the homeless and helps revitalize neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.

    We also directly support small, local enterprises in our communities. For instance, many of our restaurants source their food from local suppliers. Our Parrot Key Hotel & Villas sources coffee from Baby’s Coffee and key lime pie from Kermitt’s – both businesses locally based in Key West. Furthermore, our Rittenhouse Hotel provides space for Egan Day, a boutique that sells fine jewelry designed and crafted by local Philadelphia designers, while our Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club partners with local studios based in Miami to provide fitness classes, including Nobe and Focused Movement Academy.

    Meanwhile, our focus on communities is reflected in our support of national and global programs that help care for those in need. We are fortunate to be in a position to create both awareness and consciousness for our guests and associates on pressing issues, while also helping members of our global communities. Learn more about our #LetsDoGood campaign to help communities around the world gain access to life-sustaining water.


    Hours volunteered in our local communities since 2015



    Raised for Autism Awareness since 2015



    People provided with access to clean water for 21 years through funding of EarthView Water since 2014



    New bars of sanitized and repackaged soap sent to developing nations since 2011

Click here for the 2019 Hersha EarthView Sustainability Report